System Design

System Design

Our systems design planning includes:

  • Installation Notes

    Indicating mounting heights and configurations to ensure consistent look and performance.
  • Device Location Drawings

    Displaying where every device is installed to provide a visualization of the overall system.
  • Lighting Control Plan

    Showing every light load, as well as its control system and panel wiring.
  • Home Automation Plan

    Indicating motorized mechanisms for window curtains, shutters and projector screens.
  • Security Plan

    Displaying security sensors and control locations.
  • Wiring Plan

    Displaying detailed information on every wire required and its point of origination.
  • Technical Power Plan

    Displaying details on all high voltage wiring requirements for your system.
  • Assembly Drawings

    Outlining all specifications for device installations.
  • Elevation Drawing

    Detailing specific design requirements for optimal performance.
  • Rack Elevation

    Showing wiring and component configurations as well as installation specification for your rack system.
  • Point to Point Schematics

    Displaying detailed information on inputs and outputs from systems hardware.
  • Keypad Loop Plan

    Detailing the wiring plans to show how each device links together.
  • Keypads, Remotes and Touch Screen Diagrams

    Showing detailed schematics of the control panels.
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